3 Thanksgiving Foods That are Good for Your Teeth

If there is one constant throughout the holiday season, it is food. And if there is one part of the holiday season that is more about food than any other, it is Thanksgiving. When we refer to a holiday as “Turkey Day,” you know it is all about food (and family and gratitude, of course)….

Oral Health Benefits of Cranberries

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and no Turkey Day table is complete without cranberry sauce. The tart berry is not only tasty, but for seniors, cranberries may also provide crucial oral health benefits that help keep teeth and gums healthy throughout the year. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to oral health problems. Losing teeth…

No one looks forward to a tooth extraction. No one wants to have a tooth extracted. But sometimes it may be the best if not only option to address serious oral health problems. If you abide by your dentist’s instructions and take some simple steps before the procedure, you can make the experience less taxing…

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