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Got spit? If you don’t, or don’t have enough, you could be suffering from a condition called xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth. Saliva is crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy mouth as it helps to remove food particles which can lead to the growth of bacteria. A lack of sufficient saliva can allow…


If you don’t drink any water, you won’t be around for long. If you don’t drink enough water, you can be causing yourself a number of unnecessary health problems. Dehydration or underhydration can lead to digestive or circulatory issues, result in weight gain, and create a general feeling a fatigue and lethargy. But inadequate water…

bad breath

Every minute of every day, our mouths are busy taking care of essential business, like breathing, swallowing, eating, and drinking. Our mouths’ workload also includes talking and maybe the occasional kiss. But those last two activities, in particular, can be embarrassing and uncomfortable if you suffer from bad breath. Halitosis is common – the factors…

miami-dentist-news-national-nutrition-monthThis month, Assure a Smile celebrates National Nutrition Month! As a holistic dentistry practice, we urge patients to consider how their oral health is intricately related to other parts of their daily life. Nutrition is often the first area we recommend patients evaluate, as the food we consume comes into direct contact with our teeth and gums. Failing to eat well, along with poor oral hygiene, is the shortest path towards tooth decay and gum disease. Oral health, as recent research indicates, is intimately linked with overall health. In this way, eating well not only preserves your teeth and gums, but it also preserves your overall well being.

miami-dentist-smoking-hurts-teeth-gumsWe all know that habitual smoking harms your major organ systems. Throat, lung, and heart cancer have each been linked with smoking. Many other serious illnesses that have been linked to smoking include heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and other respiratory conditions. But did you know that smoking may also increase your chances of developing plaque, cavities, and gum disease?

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