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Cavity Free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Teeth

cavity free cooking-recipes for healthy teethAs a Miami holistic dentistry practice, Assure A Smile helps patients achieve a healthier smile through more than just reactive dental care. We help patients develop life long healthy habits that help teeth and gums grow stronger. We believe this integrated, total body approach to dentistry is the most effective way to build Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life.

Assure A Smile Announces Opening of New Office

Assure A Smile Announces Opening of New Office on 72nd Ave.Friends, patients, and staff: We are pleased to announce that our first day at our new office location at 9220 SW 72nd St. has enjoyed an exciting new start! We would like to thank everyone for bearing with us through the transition. We truly appreciate all of your patience, hard work, and support. And we are happy to report that our new office has already seen many beautiful smiles!

7 Tips to Avoid Fluoride While Grocery Shopping

7-Tips-to-Avoid-Fluoride-While-Grocery-ShoppingDespite no clinical evidence to support that the mineral helps to reduce tooth decay, most communities in the United States still have water that is treated with fluoride. Over time, fear of tooth decay and gum disease has led to an explosion of fluoride toothpastes, mouth rinses, and special enamel treatments that purportedly improve oral health. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Americans are experiencing fluoride overload that is causing increased rates of fluorosis, arthritis, and other serious illnesses. This guide has been created to spread awareness for the dangers of fluoride, and to help consumers reduce exposure to this dangerous mineral by avoiding fluoride in popular beverages, fruits, vegetables, and other groceries.

Assure A Smile is Changing Locations!

Assure-A-Smile-is-Changing-LocationsDearest patients, family, and friends, we have a very exciting announcement: Assure A Smile is changing locations!

As of March 3rd, our new office will be located at the following address:

9220 SW 72nd Ave, Suite 205

Miami, FL 33173

A New Year, A New You: Free Health Guides from Assure A Smile

A-New-Year-a-New-You-Health-Guides-from-Assure-A-SmileAssure a Smile kicks off the new year with a collection of health and wellness guides designed to help South Florida families eat well and feel great through 2014! All publications can be found under the Nutrition category of the Miami Dentist Blog. There, readers will find easy-to-follow guides on new health trends like the Paleo diet, digestive system health, detoxing, and much more.

Paleo Diet Christmas Recipes

paleo-diet-christmas-recipesNo holiday season is complete without friends, family, and of course, great food! This December, Assure A Smile encourages Miami families to add a healthy twist to their holiday fun with these delicious Paleo Diet Christmas recipes. Eat well, feel great, and stay cheerful knowing that these recipes include foods that are known to promote a healthy life-long smile.

Save $1,000 on Invisalign This December

Save $1,000 on Invisalign This DecemberOur biggest Miami Invisalign sale of the year is back, offering families unbeatable savings on the revolutionary new invisible braces system! From now until December 31st, all new Invisalign patients receive $1,000 off full treatment. Bi-monthly check-ups are included, providing new patients with professional guidance and support while creating the smile of their dreams. Visit this article to learn more about our December Invisalign Special.

Minamata Treaty Promises Global Ban on Mercury Dental Fillings

Minamata-Treaty-Promises-Global-Ban-on-Mercury-Dental-FillingsLeaders from around the world have officially signed an agreement that will phase-out the use of mercury, an extremely hazardous neurotoxin that is still being used in a variety of production processes and consumer products, including silver dental fillings. Read more about the Minamata Treaty, and watch this video to see representatives from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology speak at this historical event.

Delicious Recipes for a Paleo Diet Thanksgiving

Delicious Recipes for a Paleo Diet ThanksgivingAnthropological research has consistently shown that our distant ancestors lived healthier, cleaner lives than we do today. Much of that has to do with industrialization; 2.6 million years ago, the world was free of cars, factories, and other environmental pollutants. Another big difference was daily diet. Try these delicious Paleo Diet Thanksgiving recipes for a healthy meal that the entire family will love!

Anxiety, Stress, & Fatigue: More Than Just Gut Feelings

Anxiety, Stress, & Fatigue- More Than Just Gut Feelings When Dr. Greenblatt first met Mary, she was a sophomore in high school suffering with OCD, ADHD, digestive system problems, and dwindling treatment options. According to Dr. Greenblatt, Mary had been having a poor response to traditional medicines for OCD and ADHD, which to him was a “red flag” that a larger problem was contributing to her condition. Stories like Mary’s are becoming increasingly common. Although digestive system issues have likely always been a contributing factor to physical woes, the connection between gut health and total body wellness is only now garnering the mainstream media attention it deserves.

Teeth Whitening Special

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