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Being a tween or teen can be hard. You want to fit in, you become more self-conscious about your appearance, and you start to care about how you are seen by others. For decades, braces, retainers, and other orthodontia have been the bane of kids’ existence. “Uncomfortable, cumbersome, and metallic contraptions in my mouth 24…

miami-dentist-invisalign-special-ending-soonInvisalign Invisible Braces have created over 1 million beautiful smiles worldwide. The revolutionary straightening system gently repositions teeth with clear aligners, virtually eliminating the embarrassment and discomfort typically associated with braces! For a limited time, this treatment plan is available through the Miami Invisalign professionals at Assure a Smile for $1,000 off! Interested patients must hurry, though, because this offer ends when the new year begins.*

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