Alcohol in Mouthwash Linked to Oral CancerMouthwashes are marketed as a healthcare item, but recent research suggests that those that contain alcohol may cause an increased risk in oral cancer. Extended use of alcohol-containing mouthwashes can change the pH of the mouth and throat and dry their mucous membranes, which is associated with an elevated risk of mouth and throat cancers.

5 Ways to Prevent Oral CancerThis April marks the 13th annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a time for patients and dental professionals to promote awareness for oral cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It is important to note that oral cancer cases are on the rise and individuals must take proactive steps to prevent the formation of this serious condition. The Oral Cancer Foundation urges Americans to take part in this initiative by learning more about oral cancer, who it affects, and how a screening from your local dentist may be an invaluable method of early detection and treatment.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness MonthThe American Cancer Foundation estimates that about 35,000 Americans will develop oral cancer in 2012 (i). It is further predicted that 6,800 individuals will die from oral cancer over the upcoming year. Unfortunately, awareness for this common and tragically fatal disease is at an all-time low. This April, the Oral Cancer Foundation celebrates the 13th annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time for doctors and patients alike to open the lines of communication regarding oral cancer while promoting awareness for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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