Treating Cavities with Ozone Therapy

Medical-grade O3 has been used for over 150 years to treat infections and disease.¹ Despite its long-standing history of effectiveness, ozone therapy is somewhat new to the field of modern dentistry. At Assure A Smile, we use ozone therapy to restore cavities, perform root canals, minimize sensitivity and treat periodontitis. This minimally-invasive technology is more…

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Each year, over 40 million teeth are treated with root canals. Root canals are performed to remove the nerve and the surrounding pulp at the center of an infected or decaying tooth. Most mainstream dentists see root canals as the only way to save a tooth’s structure in severe cases. After the pulp is removed,…

Ozone Therapy for Dental Procedures Now Available at Assure A SmileWe’re happy to announce that Dr. Herrmann is now certified to administer ozone therapy for cavities, root canals, and other dental procedures. Along with Dr. Herrmann’s new certification, Assure A Smile is now home to an exciting new line of advanced ozone therapy technologies that safely administer O3, or ozone, during routine procedures.

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