Can Salt Harm Your Teeth?

Salt is one of the oldest, most fundamental, and most widely used spices in the world. So important and valuable is salt that it has caused wars and civil unrest, and was once used as currency or payment, hence the term “salary.” Used in moderation, salt can improve the flavor of food and provide many…

How to Avoid Processed FoodsProcessed foods are those that are prepared with the intention of being easy to consume. They are more convenient, longer lasting, and sometimes better tasting than 100% natural foods. However, a team of Dutch scientists recently produced a study indicating that processed foods may double your risk of developing colon cancer. At Harvard Medical School, another team demonstrated that processed foods that are rich in high-fructose corn syrup might also cause cancer, as well as obesity and type II diabetes. As the study of processed food and well-being continues, health professionals worldwide are beginning to warn consumers to pay close attention to the ingredients in the foods they eat.

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