Adopting a holistic lifestyle takes time, determination and resolve. Physicians and specialists research, analyze and practice for years before promoting alternative practices. And, patients need time to familiarize themselves with a renewed way of life. But, every individual transitioning to integrative health starts somewhere, and making small changes to your routine can put you on the right…

Dental Anxiety Part I

Feeling blue because of the cold, dreary winter weather? Seasonal affective disorder is more than just intermittent sadness or a longing for a warm breeze. The Mayo Clinic defines seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as a type of depression related to the shift in seasons. Symptoms begin and end around the same time each year, typically…

miami-dentist-why-yogis-will-love-holistic-dentistryYogis and holistic dentists have at least one thing in common. Each concentrates on the big picture at hand. For Yogis, this includes using stretches and breathing techniques to unveil the connection between the mental and the physical. In the same way, holistic dentistry seeks to connect oral conditions with the overall health of a patient’s body systems. Both practices seek to understand cause and effect relationships and recognize that the genuine change—be it mental or physical—requires more than mere reactionary quick fixes.

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