Miami Holistic Dentists Recommend Invisalign Miami Invisalign treatments are becoming popular among both holistic dentists as well as the patients they treat. Invisalign has gained support from the holistic dental community primarily for its minimally invasive method of straightening teeth. These revolutionary “removable” orthodontic braces effectively straighten teeth without disrupting the normal eating, brushing, and flossing habits of the patient. As a result, patients are able to comfortably straighten their teeth while minimizing the chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease!

Miami Invisalign:  Create the Smile of Your DreamsMiami Invisalign professionals recommended the Invisible Braces System to patients for many reasons. Invisalign is highly effective as a teeth-straightening solution. This is no secret, and the company has been proudly vocal about “creating over 1 million smiling faces” nationwide. Assure a Smile has assembled this easy-to-follow Frequently Asked Questions article to help patients learn more about this exciting new teeth-straightening procedure.

walnuts reduce breast cancerMiami dentists and holistic health care professionals are nutty. That is, they have long recommended that individuals add nuts to their diets to attain a plethora of health benefits. Such benefits are many and varied, but a major advantage include increased cardiovascular health and longevity. Now, research from the Marshall University of West Virginia indicates that a very specific type of nut may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Enter: Walnuts.

Holistic Dentistry News:  Cognitive Therapy Helps Patients Overcome Dental FearsMiami dentists and other health care professionals are looking at a new, all-natural way to curb patient anxiety. According to the August issue of British Dental Journal, a single session of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, could significantly aid those who suffer with doctor related phobias and anxiety. Holistic dentists are embracing these findings, pointing to the fact that CBT is a minimally invasive way to get patients to visit health care professionals in comfort, confidence, and a timely manner.

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