Assure a Smile Explores Holistic DentistryHolistic dentistry is a field that emphasizes alternative approaches to dental care that take into consideration the dental health of the patient involved and the overall effect of this on the whole body. There is also a body that was formed on this called Holistic Dental Association that provides guidance to holistic practitioners and other alternative dentistry. The body also informs the public on the benefits of going for holistic dentistry for their overall health and well-being.

Assure a Smile Celebrates National Dental HygieneWhat does it take to create healthy teeth and gums for life? New research suggests it may not be as easy as brushing and flossing twice daily. Leading medical professionals are excitedly sharing new research that illustrates a strong connection between thoughts, emotions, and the physical structures of the body. In honor of National Dental Hygiene Month, our Miami dentist office would like to encourage South Florida residents to consider the “big picture” of holistic wellness.

Dentistry News:  Cavities May Start at InfancyMiami dentists have long warned parents to pay strict attention to the oral health of children. Recent research conducted at the University of Illinois gives way to further concern, as studies show that infants are particularly susceptible to bacteria growth and cavity formation.

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