This December, Assure A Smile invites patients to create straighter, whiter, and healthier smiles! Two of our most popular specials are back through the month of December, offering unprecedented savings on our most popular teeth whitening and orthodontic procedures. Through December 31st, patients save $1,000 off Invisalign® invisible braces, as well as newly discounted Venus White teeth whitening systems for just $199. Hurry— this offer ends with 2015, leaving just over a week to take advantage of these exciting new offers!

Ozone therapy is relatively new to the field of dentistry, though ozone has been used for many years to accomplish a number of health and wellness initiatives. For instance, major American cities use ozone as a means of sterilizing public water. Moreover, major food and beverage distributors are known to use ozone to sterilize fruits, vegetables, sodas, and bottled waters we enjoy every day. Even large commercial facilities, ranging from shopping outlets to manufacturing centers, often use ozone in conjunction with air purification systems to reduce airborne bacteria and pollutants.

A healthy pH level is one of the most important factors behind a healthy smile, yet few patients understand how to improve the alkalinity of their mouth. Put simply, alkalinity describes the ability of water to neutralize acidic substances. Acids in the oral cavity are what causes tooth enamel to wear away, eventually leading to…

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