toddlers teeth

Toddlers always do what they’re told, never complain about doing things they don’t like, and rarely lose their temper. As any parent knows, none of these things are true. Toddlers can be stubborn and resistant in their perfectly normal efforts to test boundaries and explore what they can and cannot do (or get away with)….

How Can You Treat and Prevent Cut Gums

Your gums are sensitive, vulnerable, and exposed to lots of things that can result in cuts or lacerations. Biting on a sharp piece of food awkwardly, losing your grip on a toothbrush, flossing to vigorously, or an external trauma like a fall or impact can all cause a cut gum. Such injuries are usually not…

Gum Disease

The Miami Dentist Blog has covered the relationship between oral health and wellness extensively.  We’ve explored studies that previously have shown gum disease to increase the risk of heart disease.  We’ve also discussed the importance of holistic stress management, and the ways it helps to strengthen immunity to disease and overall health.  Now, recent research…

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