Holistic Gum Care

According to Holistic medical theory, the health of the gums are related to the health of the heart. Since our diet is reflected in our gums, our teeth and gums look strongest when our diets are healthiest. If we eat unhealthy foods, on the other hand, our gums will look weak and deteriorated.

What is the importance of proper gum care?

With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life. To lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease take care of your teeth and gums by brushing two or three times daily and flossing between teeth nightly. When you already have gum disease we recommend perio protect, to eliminate the gum disease.

5 Easy ways to healthy gum care

  1. Brush 2x a Day
  2. Floss Daily
  3. Healthy Diet
  4. No Smoking
  5. Regular dentist visits

1. Brushing your teeth and gums

Brush a minimum of twice a day. Make sure that you get a Miami dentist to show you how to brush your teeth properly for proper gum care. Improper brushing can cause periodontal infections to get worse because you miss plaque deposits that will continue to house bacteria and irritate your gums.

Brushing daily removes plaque. Plaque is a film of bacteria that clings to teeth. When plaque comes into contact with food, they produce acids that lead to cavities and gum disease. Dr Theodore Herrmann recommends a soft brush, and Toms (SLS and flouride free) toothpaste.

2. Tips for Flossing

Floss daily. Again, have a Miami dentist show you how to floss properly to make sure that you are eliminating the plaque that collects in hard to reach places. For example, flossing can remove food and plaque from between teeth, a place where your toothbrush cannot reach. Plaque that stays between teeth will eventually harden into tartar, which must be removed by a dental hygienist.

3. Tips for Eating Right

Eating right makes proper dental care much easier. Foods that contain sugars and starches, produce the most acids in the mouth that can damage the teeth. Hard “sucking candies” are especially harmful because they stay in the mouth a long time. These foods are bad for our overall oral health.

Snacking on sugary foods can lead to tooth decay because most people don’t brush after snacks. Starchy snack foods, like potato chips, stick to the teeth as well.

Suggested snacks for proper gum care:

  • Carrots (Raw Vegetables)
  • Nuts (preferably soaks)
  • Cellery
  • Broccoli
  • Apples

Avoid snacking on:

  • Candies, cookies, cakes and pie
  • Sticky and sugary gums
  • Crackers, bread sticks, and chips
  • Dried fruits and raisins

*note: these foods will not prevent gum disease.

4. Smoking Effects on the Gums

Smoking has a couple effects on the teeth and gums. The first is the most obvious: Smoking changes the color of the teeth from white to yellow. Secondly, smoking effects the blood. Smoke enters the lungs and deprives the body of oxygen, in turn lowering the amount of oxygen in the blood. Less oxygen in the blood lowers our immunity to heart disease, gum disease and many other diseases.

5. Dental Check-Ups

Visit the dentist at least once every six months. To maintain proper tooth and gum care, it is important to have regular check-ups and professional cleanings. See the dentist if you have pain in your teeth, mouth, or swollen/bleeding gums.

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