Assure A Smile Orthodontics

Are you dreaming of having that perfect smile? Could your teeth be a little straighter? If this is the case, the Miami-based orthodontists at Assure a Smile will be able to assist you. It used to be thought that orthodontics were only for teenagers who had a bite problem. However, thanks to clear braces like Invisialign, we are able to treat adults as well who are looking for an easier transition. In fact, about a third of all orthodontic patients in Florida are adults!

Let’s make it a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontics Are For Everyone

Orthodontics are most effective if started early. Thus, no matter your age, seeing an orthodontist can be a good decision towards finding that perfect smile for years to come. Parents should take note: The American Dental Association recommends that all children should have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven.

The Nature of Orthodontics

Miami dentists refer patients to orthodontists for a variety of reasons. Orthodontics deal with the shape of the mouth for eating and speaking purposes, and their work is therefore considered a restorative procedure. However, this same misalignment of the teeth can also be considered an aesthetic issue. In that case, the work is considered cosmetic in nature as it deals with beautifully reshaping the smile’s overall appearance.

Miami orthodontists can help improve your bite regardless of your age. This will help to insure that your teeth work to their maximum potential, as well as provide you with the perfect smile. Orthodontists might reposition teeth with crowns or clear braces, or they may use products like Invisalign that are more comfortable and require less treatment time to give you the straight teeth you desire.

Orthodontics can also help to change the shape of your face and lips by combining orthodontic procedures with surgery. This can give you a beautiful smile and help make your teeth easier to care for.


The cornerstone of orthodontic treatments are the orthodontists, or the dentists in Miami that focus on orthodontics as their specialty. Generally our dentists in Miami have completed an extra two years of dental school to become specialized in orthodontics.

The Exam

If your regular Miami, Florida dentist has decided that you might benefit from using orthodontics, you will usually be referred to an orthodontist. During your visit there will be several diagnostic methods used to examine your bite. These include an exam, pictures, x-rays, and impressions. The orthodontist will examine your previous dental history, perform his or her own assessment, and obtain the required pictures needed to come up with an orthodontic treatment plan that will work best for you.

Once the orthodontist has finished with their assessment, he or she will go over the plan with you. You will be able to discuss how long the plan will take and what options you might have, such as choosing between metal braces or clear ones. On average, an orthodontic treatment takes about two years. After treatment, you will need to wear a retainer for some time to help keep your newly straightened teeth in place.
Different aspects will affect the length of your treatment including your age, how much work you need done, and how well you follow your orthodontic treatment plan. Generally, the younger you are the quicker the treatment can progress if you follow the instructions precisely. However, some adults will find that their orthodontic treatment plans progress more quickly because they are able to follow the directions more consistently compared to a teenager.

If you are looking for that perfect smile, a trip to your orthodontist may be just the thing you need.

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